A big part of why The Limousine Club is known as the “Friendly People Company” is because we spend the extra time to give you all the options available… and that includes helping you sort out the many casino options available to you! We encourage your calls to figure out if local or Tahoe/Reno is best for your occasion and help make the day a special surprise for your VIP.


Redhawk, Thunder Valley, Jackson Rancheria, Cache Creek,Stones.
Local Casinos (Redhawk, Thunder Valley and Stones) are perfect for Limousine Club’s Split-time option. The VIP would be picked up locally and when they come out to the limousine they will see a red carpet leading to a banner on the side of the limousine stating “Happy ____ Day ____, Love ____” We then will have a complimentary chilled beverage with champagne glasses to start your journey. This will set the tone for things to come. When the door to your limousine reopens you will exit to the front door of the newest and most beautiful casino Northern California has to offer. Your casino experience will be extra special knowing you have luxurious transportation waiting at the conclusion of your gaming fun. We encourage your call to find out the best way to add hours for dinner before or after that will make your night truly special. Call for package pricing.


Harrahs, Harveys, Eldorado, Silver Legacy, Peppermill, Atlantis.
You get all of the above amenities included in the trip up the mountain to the biggest casinos and best shows in Northern California! Chartering a Limousine Club limousine (8 or 10 hours) will turn the usually long journey into one of the most enjoyable and least expensive (It’s hard to lose money gambling in the back of our limousine) parts of your day. We encourage you to leave the mountain driving in the hands of our professional chauffeur staff.


Bar Hopping runs are a great way for friends and family to stay safe and have a memory to last. Our 30 Years of experience gives us the knowledge of the best of what Sacramento has to offer….From popular bars like de Vere’s Irish Pub, Punchbowl Social, Revival or night clubs such as The Mix or Vanguard to dive bars like the Round Corner and Bennys, The Limousine Club has you covered! Your chauffer will be only a phone call or text away from picking you and your friends up and  continuing the party…….SAFELY. Of course with every run there is a puke fee(automatic $500.00 in or on the car) so we stress that people respect our cars and communicate with the driver to pull over so one can be sick away from the car. Our drivers are there to help you in any way they can from the beginning of the charter till the end.


The Limousine Club’s goal is to help organize the charter so you can fully enjoy your day. Our “Friendly Phone People” want to help create an itinerary that will make your VIP’s special day unforgettable. We will make an extra effort to explore every possibility and combine it with our “Birthday Package Extras” to make your special day most memorable! When planning the limousine for your special event… two heads are always better then one! We encourage questions so our sales team can help you decide if hourly pricing or a custom package is best for your event.

Our Birthday Package includes:




Mention this web page to add a… FREE RED CARPET GREETING


(see below)

We offer the above amenities to help create an element of surprise that makes the birthday limousine charter an event to remember. Check out two of the many ways to catch the VIP by surprise:

#1 You will want to pick a convenient centralized location (remember — time is money) for everyone but the VIP to meet. After getting the players into the coach we proceed to the VIP house for the surprise pickup. Everyone waits in the limousine while the chauffeur goes to the door to surprise the VIP. The real fun starts when they get to the limousine and everyone jumps out to greet the stunned VIP.

#2 This variation of the above scenario uses the double surprise. The VIP has already been surprised by the dinner at their favorite restaurant and expects the evening is almost over when they head for the exit. When they get through the door they run into a limousine with a birthday banner with their name on the side. The limousine is the perfect dessert to a birthday night dinner.


There is no better way to turn dinner out into something special then the Limousine Club dinner package. Our goal is to help you make that special occasion truly a night to remember. From every drink imaginable to the elegantly dressed patrons, the atmosphere of a fine dining establishment is a perfect fit for a high profile stretch limousine. We offer many alternatives for dinner out on the town.

When you call the “Friendly Phone People” at Limousine Club for itinerary suggestions we can help you discern if hourly or split-time(Sacramento Only) is best for your evening depending on the restaurant you have chosen in.

The Limousine Club Dinner Packages experience includes:

A celebration banner greeting them when they arrive at the stretch limousine:

  • Ice, glasses, & a wet bar with complimentary beverage presented when entering the stretch.
  • For additional charges, extras can be added on such as flowers, favorite drink, card. Call for details.


Every business has obligations that need to be done. Providing transportation for a funeral is one of them. We would rather it be for a more festive occasion, but realize funerals are a reality for every family at some point. Our chauffeur staff is very familiar with funeral home procedures to ensure our service blends with your funeral homes procedures to create a seamless experience.


The objective is to complete the event with out ever getting noticed. We become incognito by showing up on time, behaving appropriately, knowing the charter route and handling the family with kid gloves.

Most funerals involve a service & a burial. Our experience has told us this takes 2-½ hours on the average. We do not have a 3-hour minimum because we only want to charge you for the time you need. At The Limousine Club your needs truly do come first.

The Limousine Club offers white and black limousines for your service.

Scavenger Hunts

The Limousine Club states our goal is “to help arrange the best possible experience when utilizing our services.” This is one of the reasons we invented a number of Adult & Kid limousine scavenger hunts to best meet the needs of your occasion. We would love to discuss how you want your VIP to experience their special day and tailor the scavenger hunt accordingly. Going the extra mile to make the limousine experience fun is why our repeat business is so high.


We have done many adult limousine scavenger hunts in our 30 years in business. The client benefits from these events include; team building, creative applications, & spontaneous actions. Whether it is for business or personal, it always ends up full of surprises.

We help organize the scavenger hunt list & rules of the road. We offer hunts that go from “G” (Disney) to “R” (Indecent Proposal). You can pick your poison.


The limousine is an ideal way to complete the birthday package for the V.I.P. in your life. You can have a hunt with as few as 6 kids or as many as you can find kids to fill seats. There are two variations to the kids scavenger hunt.

1) The fist trip involves one limousine, two teams & 2 shopping malls.
2) The second type involves multiple limousines and a list with more variation.

When you contact one of our representatives, you can discuss the scavenger hunt that’s right for you. All scavenger hunts come with custom lists, rules, &banners. There are many variations to scavenger hunts and we would encourage you to contact us to find out what is right for you. Check out our hourly pricing for ideas for Sacramento and the surrounding area.


The Limousine Club has highlighted two of the many shopping packages ideas we can create for your trip. We strongly encourage you to call for unique twist or for answers to ANY question you might have:


Sacramento hot spots: Roseville Galleria, Arden Fair Mall & Old Sacramento Plaza.

This package takes you to the three most popular malls in the area (any mall can be substituted).

The first hour of the day is spent picking up the shoppers and driving them to the mall of their choice. The chauffeur coordinates the pickup spot and confirms the time for pickup for transportation to the second mall. During this second hour cruise you can hit a local watering hole, small shops, or coffee stop of your choosing. When you reach the second spot your chauffeur will stow your packages in the trunk, clean the limousine and is ready for you when leg two is completed. The second stop is usually when you have lunch, cocktails or appetizers to re-charge your battery. On the cruise to the third mall you can take a lap to relax or make a few pit stops for extras. The 4th hour of the day is spent taking home the exhausted shoppers.


San Francisco shopping & the sights.

This custom package is always true success. We have chauffeurs that are familiar with shopping, eating & sightseeing in San Francisco. Your limousine experience will include your choice of shopping the mainstream malls in the heart of the S. F. shopping districts like Union Square, as well as the factory and warehouse shops.

Spa/ Salon

The typical Limousine Club Spa Package involves an hour before and an hour after the salon service. This allows ample time to perform all aspects of the Limousine Club Spa Package.
The Chauffeur will greet your very special person at their door. The Limousine will feature a Commemorative Banner announcing the special occasion. After the spa service your guests will be treated to an ice cold complimentary beverage. The Limousine Club has many custom package ideas that can be tailored to the needs of your special day.

The Limousine Club’s goal is to charge only for the time needed with our one-hour minimum & split-time pricing(Sacramento Only) to minimize the cost while guests at the spa.
We will add the extra special surprise element to the event by putting a banner on the side of the limousine which is great for photo opps.
We’ll provide refreshments or you can bring your favorite that are fully appreciated after the spa experience.
We’ll go the extra mile to ensure perfect transportation service by helping you determine the time for the return pickup. This is crucial because every Salon offers many different packages which each have there own distinct ending time.


A concert and a limousine go together like peas and carrots! The Limousine Club stretch is the logical choice for your concert because:
… A stretch limousine allows you to enjoy cocktails to the event, drink responsibly at the event and provide chauffeured transportation out of the heavy traffic and safely home.
…The spectacle & Hollywood glitz of a major concert production are what the limousine atmosphere is all about.
… Getting a group together doubles the evenings fun because the limousine party to and from the event are as fun as the concert itself.

… Sharing a limousine not only increases the time you have together with friends, it is very affordable especially when you include parking fees.


The Limousine Club offers Split-time packages for many type’s of events but there is no better fit for the SPLIT package then a LOCAL (Golden 1 Center) concert. If your concert is in the Sacramento area then The Limousine Club Sacramento guarantees that a custom Split package will save you money.


#1 … 2.5 hours before & 1 hour after. OR 1 hour before & 2.5 hours after. These two options allow you to either enjoy a dinner out on the town before the event or hit the hopping clubs after the event. Either way it turns the expense of concert tickets into a full evening of fun.

#2 … 1 hour before & 1 hour after. This allows for all the limousine amenities at a pared down cost. The advantage of the one-plus-one is that it drops the cost to the lowest in town. It is important to know that when you reserve this package you will need to decide on a return time pickup from the event and that is when the clock will start. The good news is… if there is an extra encore or extremely heavy traffic we charge overtime in 15 minute increments to ensure that we will only charge you for the time you need the limousine.


The hourly pricing plan is for concerts that are out of our local area. We need to charge hourly because it would end up costing you more for us to drop you at the event, come back to town, and then turn around and go back to pick you up. When you check out our hourly pricing page you will see that this way to the concert is surprisingly affordable!


Our limo packages are inspired to give your wedding as many limousine choices as possible. ONE-HOUR MINIMUM & SPLIT-TIME(Sacramento Only) pricing allows you to utilize the limos only when you need them. Package pricing allows you to choose what you limo needs depending on your budget.

The Limousine Club has many choices for weddings because:

Our fleet of late model limos are available in 6, 8, 10, & 14 passenger stretches, luxury sedans and larger specialty limousine vehicles.
Package pricing allows you to explore beyond conventional thinking when planning your special day.
Our reservation staff goes the extra mile when planning your event. It is critical for us to know everything about your event so we can ensure your special day goes just as planned.

If you call our office staff and give us the details for your wedding transportation limo needs we believe you will be pleasantly surprised by our ideas. The Limo Club Sacramento has packages that are perfect for when the church and reception are at the same location and packages for shuttling to the church and the reception. The idea listed below is just one of the many limo options available for your wedding (See below for a recent bridal consultant testimonial!)


The following is an inexpensive way to handle a wedding party of 18 comfortably to the church and to the reception. This includes coming back and taking the bride and groom to the local hotel:

  • 10 passenger stretch 3 hours (1:30P to 4 :30P) 
  • 10 passenger stretch 1 hour (4P to 5P) 
  • 6 passenger stretch (10P to 11P)

First we pick up the guys and get them to the church early (brides like the reassurance) for pictures and ushering. We then use the same limousine to pick up the ladies for the ride to the church. From the church to the reception both limousines transfer the wedding party to the reception. The staggered ending time of the two 10 passenger stretches give you a little extra time if it is needed for bride and groom pictures.

A few options to this package…

  •  You could substitute a six for a 10 from the church to the reception if you only have 16.
  • You could substitute a 10 passenger for the six passenger stretch from the reception to the hotel if you wanted to transfer the whole wedding party.
  •  You could add a second hour from the reception to the hotel and add flexibility and the ability to shuttle guests if needed.

This example is just one of the many ways we can design custom packages that change based on the particular needs of your very special day.

Our 30 years under the experience guarantees you will get thorough, dependable, and professional service for your wedding.