It is the stated goal of co-owners Jason St.Julien and Kristen Matthew to provide the clients of The Limousine Club an experience that that will not only be memorable, but treasured. From the first contact, to the final billing, there will be a solid professionalism, tempered with an eye towards safety and  ease of engagement. A further understanding that the clients deserve the highest level of involvement, from a staff that knows what it takes to ensure an all around successful charter, is what will make us the go-to limousine service in our clients mindset


Jason St.Julien has resided in Sacramento area since 2001 and co-owner Kristen Matthew was born and raised in Sacramento. Jason has over 8 years experience as a chauffeur at The Limousine Club and knows what makes a successful charter by applying a driver’s perspective. Kristen Matthew has a background of over 20 years in customer service and management in the day spa industry to ensure the finest details are met.  Together after 15 years as a couple Jason & Kristen took the opportunity to purchase The Limousine Club and continue the legacy with their special touch added.  After 30 years of success and longevity, Jason and Kristen are dedicated to taking The Limousine Club to new levels of service and customer satisfaction.


The chauffeur dispatched to your charter will be personable, properly attired, and well trained. Your DMV-checked, GPS-equipped, and randomly drug-tested chauffeur understands both adherence to a schedule, as well as the need to improvise and make any adjustment necessary during the charter. Our chauffeurs understand that you are depending on them, and pride themselves on meeting, if not exceeding your expectations.


The following are a few of the reasons The Limousine Club Sacramento is your only choice for transportation in the area:

Every charter is offered ice, glasses, bottled water and complimentary beverage.
Every charter will receive the attention needed to ensure your every expectation are met
From the initial phone call to your completed charter we make sure you have friendly, professional people serving you.
Over 30 years in business and hands-on ownership makes The Limousine Club the most thorough, professional, dependable company in Northern California.
24-hour service, airport flight watch, and last-minute flexibility ensures the most complete service.