An affordable gift for the person who has everything!

Limousine Club offers custom packages for complete limousine charters that make excellent gifts for the person who has everything. Our staff enjoys the challenge of setting up gift certificates and surprise charters because they are so warmly received by the V.I.P.

Limousine Club encourages gift certificate purchases & surprise gift charter reservations by being as flexible as possible. The two basic techniques to surprising the V.I.P. are:

The Client purchases the gift certificate and has it mailed to his residence. The V.I.P. would receive the certificate on the special day from the client. The V.I.P. would be instructed to call Limousine Club for a reservation on a day convenient for the V.I.P.. The package is explained to the VIP and every aspect of the charter is detailed to insure the special day goes of without a hitch.

The second way to surprise the VIP is in when the limousine and chauffeur show up to their front door!. The VIP has no clue until the chauffeur knocks on the door with a bouquet of balloons (see "birthday package" for more information on surprise ideas). This way of surprising has the benefit ensuring you get the V.I.P. to use the gift & he can get the extra benefit of having you in the limousine with him.

Our Limousine Club gift certificates do not expire. There are many extras that can be included in a surprise package that can make the event unforgettable. We are willing to go the extra mile for the V.I.P... If you are!

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