Limousine Club uses a combination of ONE-HOUR MINIMUMS & SPLIT-TIME PRICING to create a custom package based on the needs of the customer. This allows the customer to pay for the time used only when the limousine is truly needed. Unlike most companies that have a 3 to 6 hour minimum, Limousine Club will allow a one-hour minimum that can also be incorporated into a custom package design. This allows for the client to attend an event without paying full price for a limousine that is sitting unused in front of your event.

Our minimum is one hour at each segment of your charter. For example, if you want a ride to a concert and back it would be (one hour + one hour)... you can't do 1/2 hour on each end of the concert.



Wedding to reception - One-hour minimum gives time for pictures and elegant transportation from the church to the reception for the bride and groom or the entire wedding party.

Home to airport - One hour is the perfect amount of time to have your friendly chauffeur load your luggage and comfortably transport yourself, your family and/or VIP client to and from your house, a local hotel or airport.


We invented split-time over ten years ago to make limousine service more affordable for customers who are attending big events like dances, meetings and concerts. Having the diversity of hourly as well as the package pricing formats allows Limousine Club to save the customer money by charging only for what the time that is actually used.

Local concert - The limousine rental time starts at the first pickup. You usually have time for at least 2 pickups using the "one-hour" to get you to the downtown concert. After the concert you can use the limousine for one hour to take you back home, or you can add a few hours to visit a couple of clubs after the concert.

Wedding Reception - A wedding reception is the perfect event for split-time because a wedding will usually last 3 hours. The first hour is used to take people from the church to the reception and the second hour is used to take the bride and groom from the reception to the hotel.

Criteria for split-time packages

Because buying one hour by itself costs more per hour then the hourly price of three consecutive hours, your event must last a minimum of three hours (you out of the limousine for 3+ hours) for split-time pricing to actually save you money. Your event must also be in the local region for split-time pricing to be cost effective because travel charges will be added to return from events outside the service area. If your event is outside the local area it can sometimes prove less expensive to keep the limousine at the event. The longer the duration of the event, the more sense it makes to choose split time pricing. Your occasion should have a conclusion that is not open-ended. Some flexibility is allowed when you are using a "one-hour" minimum, but unless the drop-off location is very close in proximity, you will need to be punctual. You can add flexibility to the back end of a split-time charter by extending the time by one hour. This will permit multiple shuttles or an extended cruise before your conclusion.

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