Sacramento Limousine Club - SERVICE AREA

Sacramento Limousine Club has been offering competitive rates for the central California valley since 1987 from:

NORTH to Marysville, Yuba City

SOUTH to  Stockton, Lodi

WEST to Fairfield, Vacaville

EAST to Auburn, Placerville

Our low overhead, central location, large fleet, and experience allow us to be competitively priced for service in most Northern & Central California cities. See Service Area "B" in the hourly pricing grid for charter fees starting and ending in your area.

We list many smaller cities in Service area "A" of our hourly pricing grid. Communities include, Rocklin, Loomis, Eldorado Hills, Lincoln, Penryn, Rancho Murieta, Wilton

We are thorough with everything we do and service fees are no exception. View our pricing page for many hourly and package options.  Please call for a quote for your area You will be surprised how affordable Limousine Club can be when you compare the bottom line.

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