Limo Club Sacramento – WEDDINGS

Our limo packages are inspired to give your wedding as many limousine choices as possible. ONE-HOUR MINIMUM & SPLIT-TIME pricing allows you to utilize the limos only when you need them. Package pricing allows you to choose what you limo needs depending on your budget.

Limousine Club has many choices for weddings because:

  • Our fleet of late model limos are available in 6, 8, 10, & 14 passenger stretches, luxury sedans and larger specialty limousine vehicles.
  • Package pricing allows you to explore beyond conventional thinking when planning your special day.
  • Our reservation staff goes the extra mile when planning your event. It is critical for us to know everything about your event so we can ensure your special day goes just as planned.

If you call our office staff and give us the details for your wedding transportation limo needs we believe you will be pleasantly surprised by our ideas.  Limo Club Sacramento has packages that are perfect for when the church and reception are at the same location and packages for shuttling to the church and the reception. The idea listed below is just one of the many limo options available for your wedding


The following is an inexpensive way to handle a wedding party of 18 comfortably to the church and to the reception. This includes coming back and taking the bride and groom to the local hotel

10 passenger stretch 3 hours (1:30P to 4 :30P) & 10 passenger stretch 1 hour (4P to 5P) & 6 passenger stretch (10P to 11P)

First we pick up the guys and get them to the church early (brides like the reassurance) for pictures and ushering. We then use the same limousine to pick up the ladies for the ride to the church. From the church to the reception both limousines transfer the wedding party to the reception. The staggered ending time of the two 10 passenger stretches give you a little extra time if it is needed for bride and groom pictures.

A few options to this package...

.... You could substitute a six for a 10 from the church to the reception if you only have 16.... You could substitute a 10 passenger for the six passenger stretch from the reception to the hotel if you wanted to transfer the whole wedding party

.... You could add a second hour from the reception to the hotel and add flexibility and the ability to shuttle guests if needed.

This example is just one of the many ways we can design custom packages that change based on the particular needs of your very special day.

Our 28 years under the same ownership guarantees you will get thorough, dependable, and professional service for your wedding

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